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We Weston Engineers introduce ourselves as the one of the oldest manufacturers and suppliers for Mechanical Equipment Spares, Engineering Spares, Import Substitution Jobs, Pump Spares, Conveyor Spares, Pipe Fittings (Butt Weld / Socket Weld / Forged) and all types of Forged Flanges dedicated to the service of Hydrocarbon Industries, Petro chemicals, Steel Plants, Railways, Thermal Power Stations and various Public Sector undertakings. In view of our well equipped workshop and long experience of manufacturing spare parts we can prepare drawings of critical spares from samples at site only and manufacture the same as per requirement. We are also approved by the Technical Development Committee, New Delhi for Manufacturing of Engineering Spares, Pipe Fittings, Flanges for Petroleum, Petrochemical and Fertilizer Industries. We have the approval of all the leading Third Party Inspection Agencies such as LLYODS REGISTER/ DNV/ IRS/ RITES/ BV/ BAXCOUNCEL/ MECON etc. We have implemented manufacturing of products as per ISO-9002 Quality Management System and we expect to get Certificate by M/s. LLYODS REGISTER, U.K. soon

This organization started functioning during March, 1980 having its well equipped workshop located at Dasnagar, Howrah on the main road of the Howrah Amta Road which is 5 km from Howrah Station and 4 km from connecting National Highway.
Years have rolled by, technology, have advanced and to keep pace with the advancement we carried with our sincerity, hard work and unflinching determination upgrading our manufacturing facilities to come to the forefront of the industry. Our quality control personnel carry out stage inspections at every stage of manufacture with duly calibrated instruments and gauges. Major American Standard, British Standard and Indian Standard specification are available with us.

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